Informal Thematic Debate on International Migration

On 19th May a debate on international Migration and development was conducted at the UN in preparation to a General Assembly dialogue in 2013. Secretary General (SG) asked “how many of you are living out side of your country of origin?”  He said including you and me today 3% of the world’s population approximately 214 million live out side the countries of their birth. Girls and women now account for nearly half of all international migrants and 16% of it are under the age 20.

There are positive and negative effects of migration. Officially recorded remittance flows to developing countries totaled US $ 325 billion in 2010.Migrants vary from  professionals to those doing 3D jobs- (dangerous, difficult and dirty) face heightened risk of  discrimination  and more vulnerable to abuse of fundamental human rights. Human trafficking is another issue related to migration. While discussing the challenges and opportunities, International migration is seen as an increasingly global phenomenon requiring global approach. Migration if managed well can be an enormous force for good.

International Migration and Development

The President of the General Assembly will host a one-day Informal Thematic Debate on International Migration and Development at United Nations Headquarters in New York on 19 May 2011, pursuant to A/RES/63/225.

The debate is intended to build on the on-going international dialogue on international migration and development, and to contribute to the process leading to the second High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development in 2013.