MMS & UN Newsletter – Vol. #2 January 2013

Dear Sisters, Associates and Friends, warm Greetings from the cold US!
The UN Call for action : 1.UNICEF and UN women have released an online news letter on the Global Consultation on Inequalities, now available for comments/discussions in Jan/Feb. For more info:-
2. Global Campaign to change the culture of food waste initiated by UNEP & FAO:-1.3 Billion Tons of food wasted or lost each year, which is sufficient to feed the hungry.  More info: www.Think,Eat,Save . Nearly one-third of the people in Bangladesh lack access to nutritious food, and nongovernmental organizations in the country are seeking to hold the government accountable for food scarcity through a constitutional amendment.

3. The UN has started a my world project  : an online voting to get the feed back from global citizens on what they feel should be the top priorities, policies and  focus of a post- 2015 global development agenda to replace the Millennium Development Goal (MDG)that will be expiring in 2015.

Follow up from Rio +20: The UN General Assembly today established a working group that will focus on the design of a set of sustainable development goals (SDGs) to promote global prosperity, reduce poverty and advance social equity and environmental protection. The 30-member working group, which will consist of 70 countries from all regions, will prepare a report containing a proposal on the SDGs that the 193-member Assembly will consider and act on at its 68th session, in September. The working group is a direct result of the commitment, made by governments at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) in June, to establish a set of action-oriented, concise and easy to communicate goals to help advance sustainable development-The Future We Want. Your voices can be added by joining the My World 2015 (see above).

The UN Enquiry on Drones: As a result of a request by several countries, the UN will examines drone/UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) strikes in countries like Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. About 20-30 strikes  by US and UK will be studied to assess the impact on civilians.

Good news from DRC: The Democratic Republic of Congo has achieved sharp decrease in maternal mortality (from 781 in 2005 to 426 in 2012) by improved maternal healthcare and planned family planning.  

Somalia Supermodel advocate against FGM: In Somalia female genital mutilation(FGM) is not only common but it is a taboo to go against female circumcision. Living in UK she raises awareness on this issue.  

Climate News: A Green Peace analysis shows that China and Australia are in the top list of “carbon bomb” which will increase the global emission of Co2 and eat up 20%of the carbon budget. There are 14 carbon bombs identified including US shale gas, and Canadian Tar sand oil. Pollution hazard in China and extreme heat in Australia were reported recently. 2012 was reported as the hottest year in US. “Climate change is fast happening — much, much faster than one would have expected” said UNSG Ban Ki-moon.

Events and Upcoming Events: The Global Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos Jan – Switzerland and the Commission on  Social Development 51 in NY from Feb 6-15th: MMS are  sponsoring a side event on a best practice of empowering women as masons and carpenters is  on 14th with the mission of Brazil as one of the cosponsors. The main speaker, a woman mason from Kerala On the same day morning is the Interfaith Harmony Day in the GA hall where several MMS and friends will participate.  MMS written statement for CSOCD 51 is also attached.  

Best regards, Celine  Paramunda