News Letter- August

Hi all,

 After a short summer break we are getting ready to be back to the UN while the Security Council continues the discussions on many urgent matters like the issue of Syria.  September marks the beginning of another year at the UN with its 68th General Assembly. The following are some of the upcoming events.

   5 September: the first  International Day of Charity.

Recognizing the role of charity in alleviating humanitarian crises and human suffering within and among nations, September 5th is designated as the  first International day of Charity .It also affirm that charity may contribute to the promotion of dialogue among people from different civilizations, cultures and religions, as well as of solidarity and mutual understanding.  All the efforts of charitable organizations and individuals, including the work of Mother Teresa is recognized.

 6 September: High Level Forum on the Culture of Peace

This one day forum is an opportunity for civil society organizations to discuss the ways and means to promote the culture of peace with a special focus on the implementation of the UN Programme of Action on Culture of Peace adopted by the General Assembly in 1999. The President of the General Assembly will open the forum, with three panel sessions to follow:

1.      The role of interfaith cooperation in promoting a global Culture of Peace

2.      The Culture of Peace as the agenda for a new global civilization: Where are we now?

3.      Strategies for advancing implementation of the UN Programme of Action on Culture of Peace: What we need
The High-Level Forum will take place from 9:30am-6pm at United Nations Headquarters in the Trusteeship Council Chamber.

20 September: 20th session, Commission on Sustainable Development

The CSD would have its last session (CSD-20) immediately prior to the convening of the first meeting of the high level political forum on sustainable development. CSD 20 will be held the morning of Friday 20 September from 10 AM to 1PM in Conference room 2 (CB). Following the opening remarks, a panel of former Chairs of CSD will be organized to reflect on the achievements and lessons learned from the Commission as well as to set the stage for the establishment of the high level political forum. Intervention from Major Groups will be coordinated by the Major Groups organizing partners.

20 and 22 September: Major Groups and Other Stakeholders Briefing Days

This event will aim at stock taking of Rio+20 progress and will provide stakeholders a comprehensive picture of where the agenda is at the moment, windows of opportunity to influence the international agenda, provide space for joint advocacy, with a focus on the current Sustainable Development Goals, High Level Political Forum, and Financing for Sustainable Development.

22 Sept: Regional Recommendations on Post-2015: A Dialogue

On 22 September 2013, a dialogue between civil society, governments, and UN representatives on regional recommendations for the post-2015 development agenda will be convened by UN-NGLS in partnership will the Post-2015 Development Planning Team of the Executive Office of the Secretary-General. Registration is open for civil society.

 23 Sept : a High-level Meeting of the General Assembly on the realization of the Millennium Development Goals and other internationally agreed development goals for persons with disabilities, organized in accordance with resolution 66/124 will be organized.

 24 Sept: Inaugural session, High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

The first meeting of the high-level political forum on sustainable development (to replace the Commission on Sustainable Development following a Rio+20 decision) held at the Heads of State level under the auspices of the General Assembly will take place on 24 September 2013. The forum will include four Dialogues opened to Heads of State and Government, Heads of UN entities and other international organizations, as well as high-level representatives of Major Groups and other relevant stakeholders.

 25 Sept: Special event to follow up on efforts on MDGs

A special event to follow up on efforts made towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals, in accordance with General Assembly resolution 65/1, will be held on 25 September 2013. More details on the event will be posted on the page below as they become available.

26 Sept: High-level meeting of the General Assembly on nuclear disarmament

  MMS and other  representatives of non-governmental organizations in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council that will participate in the high-level meeting.

 3&4 Oct : High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development

The General Assembly will have a High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development on 3 and 4 October 2013. In preparation, the President of the General Assembly will hold one-day informal interactive hearings with representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), civil society organizations and the private sector at the United Nations headquarters in New York on 15 July 2013.


Celine Paramunda