MMS Statement to the UN Open working Group 6 on Dec13th

Statement on Global Governance 12/13/13

Thank you Mr co-chair for giving me this opportunity. I am Celine Paramunda, representative of Medical Mission Sisters, speaking on behalf of the NGO Committee on Financing for Development- Finance and Trade Cluster.

The foundation of a good  Global Governance must uphold an integration of three basic rights: the Universal Human Rights; Right to development, and the Right of mother earth for regeneration & restoration. The post 2015 framework should address implementation gap in the already agreed commitments eg: human rights, Rio Principles, and Monterrey consensus.  Growing inequality, climate disasters, excessive wealth concentration and power of corporations over people & countries reminds us of the failure to implement these commitments.

We affirm the NGLS recommendations from civil society consultations: let me touch just 3.

1. Establishing participatory, transparent and accountable global governance.

Inclusive Participation of all stakeholders at all levels approached from all entry-points – …

Story from North India

                                      THE MUSAHAR COMMUNITY IN HAJIPUR

On November 24 three hundred and eighty three children gathered at Swabhiman Bhavan to celebrate the Children’s Day. They were of Dalit Community, (Dalits are former  “untouchable “)  They are economically weak, socially backward and politically voiceless. Prior to the celebration, we spent one and half months’ preparing the children with input as well as practice. Out of these 383 children 113 were from Musahar (Rat eaters) community. We MMS and the staff focus on the development of the  Musahar community. Education until today has not become a priority for them since allmost all the adults are illiterate. MMS have managed to get 23 girls below the age of eighteen years and admitted themin a residential school for Dalit girls run by the Government.  Four girls have managed to reach up to 7th standard. It is very important for girls to stay in the …

A story from Peru by Mafe MMS

Nimia and family

It is 4:30 in the morning and the journey begins for Nimia. She must prepare breakfast for the family. Her husband leaves very early to work as a guard at an elegant Spa in one of the richest areas of Lima; her second child goes to the school and she has to bring the other two children to theirs. Then, she cleans the house, cooks, picks up the kids, goes with them to receive the therapies, does homework with the kids, feed them again and put them to sleep. Not to mention that often attends meetings of the Association of Parents of children with disabilities and goes every day to church. Besides all that, she works embroidering fabric to help with family expenses. Her day is fully booked. No time to complain or for getting ill.

Nimia married Riester seventeen years ago. Since thirteen years ago, the …

December 1st AIDS Day- MMS story

 Sr. Regy Peringarappilly shares her Experience.

Medical Mission Sisters are involved in the field of health and healing since 1925 with women and children as our special focus. All the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) are touched upon by our involvement in 17 countries around the globe, particularly among the people living in poverty. As the UN Representative I had been collecting stories from around the world and here is a story by Sr. Regy on MDG 6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

Sr. Biya Joseph MMS and I are implementing a project for HIV infected and affected people in Iddukki and Kottayam district S. India. The target population is from two southern states, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.  At present 29 families are in contact and getting benefit under this project.

Due to the social stigma attached to this illness, it was very difficult to contact and get the …