OWG and the Sustainable Development Goals- update

The Focus of the Open working Group (OWG) is to formulate a set of  Universal goals with targets and indicators for the coming 15 years since the MDGs will meet its target date 2015.

During the closing of the 11th session of OWG, the co-chairs of the OWG had sent to all Permanent Missions, the draft chapeau of the proposed sustainable development goals and targets for their consideration. It can be found at the Open Working Group’s website:


The co-chairs also shared the “zero draft” of goals and targets, in preparation for the 12th session .

 The co chairs Zero draft can be found in :


Under the first 16 SDGs, there are 166 targets. Goal 17 has 46 MOI targets.

The OWG held its discussions with “informal-informal” consultations from 9-11 June 2014 prior to the 12the session of the OWG  from June 16-20.