Is Climate smart Agriculture really smart for people and planet?

Date : 25 September 2014
Climate-smart agriculture is corporate green-washing

Published in SUNS #7881 dated 25 September 2014

New York, 24 Sep (IPS/Thalif Deen) — On the sidelines of the UN’s heavily hyped Climate Summit, the newly-launched Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture announced plans to protect some 500 million farmers worldwide from climate change and “help achieve sustainable and equitable increases in agricultural productivity and incomes.”

But the announcement by the Global Alliance, which includes more than 20 governments, 30 organisations and corporations, including Fortune 500 companies McDonald’s and Kelloggs, was greeted with apprehension by a coalition of over 100 civil society organisations (CSOs).

It is a backhanded gesture, warned the coalition, which “rejected” the announcement as “a deceptive and deeply contradictory initiative.”

“The Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture will not deliver the solutions that we so urgently need. Instead, climate-smart agriculture provides a dangerous platform for corporations to implement

Modi’s visit to US and Indian IPR issues

CSOs concerned over timing of IP policy review in India
Published in SUNS  dated 25 September 2014

Geneva, 24 Sep (Kanaga Raja) — Ahead of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the United States, a number of civil society organisations and prominent individuals in India have raised concerns over the timing of a Ministry-level review of the country’s intellectual property rights (IPR) policy.In a statement issued on 23 September, they warned that the proposed exercise could become “hostage to pressures of the US government and companies.”

Among the notable individuals that signed the statement are Dr Nityanand, Eminent Scientist and former Director of the Central Drug Research Institute; Mr S. P. Shukla, former Ambassador to GATT and Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Planning; Prof. Muchkund Dubey, President of the Council for Social Development and former Foreign Secretary; Mr B. L. Das, former Ambassador to GATT; Mr Anand Grover,

Climate issue and the Rich Countries

485842-generalassemblyAs the United Nations hosts a Climate Summit Sep. 23, the lingering question is whether the meeting of world leaders will wind up as another talk fest.

It is most likely that it could go that way. The problem is that developed countries are pressuring developing countries to indicate their pledges for emissions reductions post-2020 under the Paris deal which is currently under negotiation, without any indication of whether they will provide any finance or enable technology transfer – which are current commitments under the Convention.

What is worse is that many developed countries – especially the U.S. and its allies – are delaying making their contributions to the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

The GCF was launched in 2011 and it was agreed in Cancun, Mexico in 2010 that developed countries will mobilise 100 billion dollars per year by 2020.

The GCF has yet to receive any funds that …

MMS and the UN News -August

The high lights of August were as follows:

Special event, MDG Momentum– Aug.18 marked the 500-day milestone of the target date to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. With Malala Yousafzai by his side, UN Secretary-General called for more accelerated action from governments, international organizations and civil society groups on MDGs for sustainable development far beyond 2015. ABC News anchor Amy Robach moderated the event. “The ideas and inspiration of young people have been especially critical in this effort and their role must grow even more,”said Mr Ban. Malala was indeed inspirational with her mature and relevant remarks and challenges to the participants. She said “ each one of us can and should make a difference in the world; some of us are more famous but it does not mean that we are better than any one; I am just like you, I play with my I pad, I fight …