The 69th UN Day and 20th year of MMS

Sixty-nine years ago when the UN charter came in to force on October 24, 1945  a new voice echoed in the world, “We the peoples of the United Nations, determined:

  • to save the succeeding generations from the scourge of war and sufferings;
  • to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity  and worth of all persons- men and women of  all Nations, large and small;
  • to promote social progress and better standards of life;
  • to practice tolerance and to live together in peace with one another as good neighbors.
The UN is a secular place, but the values it stand for is  seen in  the core values of all the religions . I see an intersection with Gospel values,  our  MMS Constitution and the UN charter. 
From my experience I can say that there is hardly any topic which is not discussed at the UN, all what we speak and do as MMS, I hear at the UN!

People need a passport to travel from country to country but problems,  sickness, the impact of climate change freely travel across borders. Though far from its ideal, this global institution is essential to our world to deal with global problems. 

The UN needs our prayers for all its efforts to deal with difficult issues like Ebola, conflicts in various countries, socio-economic and climate justice and so on.  The UN need prayers too for a change in governance from the five permanent members of the Security Council who have veto power, controls the entire world.

The theme of this year’s UN day is: Global Citizenship and Youth.

None of us are youth any more, but we are global citizens, how privileged are we to have all the 23 Nations represented in our Fox Chase Chapel today.   We have all the reasons to celebrate,it is  our 20th year at the UN.


Celine Paramunda