Medical Mission Sisters Statement at the UN

MMS statement for the ECOSOC  Special High Level meeting with WB, IMF, WTO and UNCTAD

April 20th 2015 – Thematic debate on theme 3: “Renewed global partnership for development in the context of the post- 2015 development agenda

Thank you Mr. President, I bring the voice of the people on the ground and like to remind the international community that sustainable development is an economic and moral issue. Vast numbers of people still live in poverty while an ever smaller number accumulate outrageous wealth. Why? We all know the answer, tax evasion, illicit financial flow and so on. The world has enough financial resources and expertise to solve the problem of poverty, hunger and other issues provided we allocate the resources in the right place.

The world is looking for change; we need renewed global partnership for development and reiterate the common but differentiated responsibility in addressing the issues. By changing the political will, the budget priority can be changed towards the good of all. We need renewed global partnership in the reform of the global financial systems that are to be transparent, fair, inclusive and safe for collapse.

Regarding Public Private Partnership, we support the proposal by UNCTAD of a change in mindset and behavior of business taking in to consideration the social and environmental impact particularly the action of extractive industries. People’s right to water and sanitation can not be adequately stressed. Long term public projects can not be forgotten in the rush for corporate gains. Privatization of profits and socialization of losses can not to be tolerated.

As Sweden pointed out this morning, we need partnership in addressing the Gender gap and the economic benefit from the untapped potential of female work force. We can not afford to waste the intelligence, skills and competence of 50 % of the global population.

In conclusion, we make the following proposals:
• Putting people’s right and the needs of the planet at the heart of all global economic efforts.
• Build political will for reallocation of resources to address the Sustainable development priorities, because it is not only an economic issue but a moral issue too.
• UN-led reform of international financial institutions and systems for equal representation and voice of developing countries at all economic forums.
• Above all we urge the international community to respect the human right framework governing international financing; taxing, trade and business- at least do no harm to people and planet.
I thank you!

Celine Paramunda, representative of Medical Mission Sisters, for NGO committee on Financing for Development & Mining working group at the UN.
Response from a Panelist: Just as the civil society pointed out human rights must be reflected in Finance and trade.
UN News Media report- A representative of civil society described sustainable development as a critical economic and moral issue. The world had the financial resources to eradicate poverty, hunger and other scourges provided that those resources were deployed efficiently. Global financial institutions needed to be open and transparent, she said, adding that privatization of profits and socialization of losses could not be tolerated. The United Nations should lead the reform of international financial institutions in an inclusive manner.

Last speaker –

SUNG-SOO EUN, Executive Director of the World Bank, said that working with the United Nations was critical. The Secretary-General had helped the Bank at its recent meeting to understand the importance of the sustainable development goals. Many at the Bank were more focused on immediate issues, such as whether the United States would raise the interest rate. He suggested that the Bank could use further outreach to civil society and young people for experience on the ground.