Emilia from Civil society spoke at the FFd3 in Addis

“Do I dare disturb the Universe?” The poet Eliot asked. As citizens, we do dare.
Yesterday we got an document that, following the words of the discussant Prato, is coherent with the incoherence of this world. In which the economic and financial dynamics allows that the illicit flows from the South to the North are 4 times the flows that officially run from the North to the South, and women subsidize the entire economy with their unpaid domestic and care work. In which the weight and ill will of power prevail over global governance. In which a clouded discussion of
sums of money prevail over the urgent regulation that we need for economic and financial flows. In which the possibility of strong actionable deliverables was hijacked. As civil society, we want to say that the weak outcome doesn’t mean the dynamic that allowed it was right. It doesn’t mean we approve of it. It doesn’t mean that we, civil society, are tired. We will keep on pursuing a strong regulation for the private sector in relation to their human rights, gender equality and social and environmental impacts.

The mandate of the Financing for Development platform, now more than ever, in the face of the poorness of the achievements in the rest of the sections of this document, represents the potential of a tectonic shift towards a more equal and rights-based world of economic and financial relationships, and thus it is an imperative to preserve its integrity and strength. An intergovernmental and universal Forum on Financing for Development with agreed outcomes is a positive deliverable. We expect this will be the space to develop time-bound and actionable commitments on FfD.

The FfD Forum will not only be the space to monitor the Means of Implementation of the P-2015 Agenda but also, most crucially, to maintain the integrity of the rest of the FfD mandates of Monterrey and Doha, especially on the focus on systemic issues. It has to be said that the FFD framework in an on-going process, well beyond the SDG specific financing and its 15 year time-frame. It is in this space in which we expect to see the strengthening of the bridges and inter-connections that FfD facilitates among development, trade, finance, debt, systemic issues and
human rights commitments, including women’s rights. We will not give up under the light of this disappointing outcome and we will maximize the follow up space that was agreed. We are not letting go the FfD potential of changing the world. Back to Eliot’s question: “Do I dare disturb the Universe?” As citizens, we do dare. We will be walking along Member States to make sure they do too.

Ms. Luisa Emilia Reyes Zuniga; Program Director: Policies and Budgets for Equality.