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Make every day an Earth Day!
International Mother Earth Day April 22 was an opportunity to highlight the interdependence between people and variety of species with which we share this planet. “Trees for the Earth was the Theme of the 2016 Earth day. This year’s observance brings hope of a better future for all Since World leaders from 175 Countries signed the Paris Climate Agreement on the Mother Earth day while 15 countries ratified. There were celebrations, excitements and rejoicing: – Never before had so many countries signed an international agreement on its first day , never before the world had been agreed to address a critical global threat as is climate Change. France the host country of Climate Agreement was the first to sign. When US Secretary of State John Kerry holding his darling granddaughter signed, it was the echo of the 193 young Students paraded in the GA hall reminding “you are signing our Future”!
The signing ceremony included powerful messages, Hollywood actor LeoD Caprio gave a passionate and compelling plea to the world leaders as he visited Climate devastations in numerous countries around the globe and representing the Civil Society was the indigenous leader Hindou from Chad shared the challenges facing by her people. As the UNSG Ban ki Moon said “We are in a race against Time”, it is a call to action by every person in every part of the world to protect Mother Earth to save our future as well as those to come.
” Seventy percent of humanity’s Ecological Footprint is comprised of demand for forest products (paper, timber, etc.) and carbon capture, an ecological service that forests provide. Forests have been slowly but steadily losing to encroaching human activity. But there is some good news: Some countries are reversing the trend. For more info:
Earth Day Guide from Catholic Climate Covenant: MMS

celebrated earth day in many parts of the world like USA, India focusing on Trees and water issues. In Philippines environmental activists and farmers marked Earth Day with protest marches in various cities to demand government action in drought-stricken areas. ” Some of us in NY also joined a protest rally to highlight the issues of farmers in the Philippines, Honduras and indigenous peoples worldwide. The drought has worsened the poverty and hunger of farmers,” said a leader.
Women in Peace & Security at the UN
In 1996, 7 out 185 were women = 3. 8% 2016 37/193 = 19% women Representatives.
General Assembly: Madam Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit of India- the First Woman President UNGA 1953.
Security Council (SC) : M

rs. Jeanne Martin PR of Guinea- the first Woman president of SC in 1972. In 2016 there is only 1 woman in the SC, US Amb, and Samantha Power. Therefore there is great interest to have a woman SG.
Secretory General Candidates: The General Assembly had interesting Interviews with the 9 candidates (4 are women) for the next Secretory General with 800+ questions from around the world. Civil Society were asked to send questions online, out of 1000 ? from 72 countries, 30 were selected and one was MMS Question – How will you break the impunity of corporations and persons violating the human rights of human right defenders globally? It was recorded and played to the candidates at the UN during the interview on April 13.
On April 21 a High-Level Debate on Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was held. It’s generally understood as development that improves living conditions in the present without compromising the resources of future generations. This is the challenge the UN has given itself for the next 15 years: to work together to improve life for humans and the planet without damaging either.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement on climate change are inseparable and mutually reinforcing and the breadth and depth of 2030 Agenda calls for adopting new approaches and for breaking down silos. For More info:

MMS & UN Survey
Thank you to all those who responded to the Survey, your feedback is appreciated and will be taken in to consideration.
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SDG Update

Link between SDGs and Paris agreement :
Learn more about SDGs and get involved: Sharing this month’s topic from a Colleague Sr. Jean Stoner SND: (Below) SDG 1: End Poverty in all its forms everywhere  SDG 10 : Reduce Inequality