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New Year brings new hope amidst new challenges. The Secretary General has 12 priorities at the UN and the President of the 72 General Assembly shared the following ,Safe migration, conflict prevention, sustainable development and United Nations reform as the priorities of the 193-member body’s President for 2018.

Global Compact on Migration: Secretariat has produced a report  (click on report) as the Secretary-General’s contribution to the process of developing the Global Compact for Migration. It is his vision for constructive international cooperation on migration. It focuses on making migration work for all, emphasizing its links to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  In 2016, world leaders began drafting a new Global Compact on “safe, orderly and regular migration”, to be finalized by September 2018. Numerous meetings are in process before the negotiations in February. Unfortunately USA has pulled out of this too.

Women and Work: Women’s equal participation in the labor force and equal pay would unlock trillions of dollars for our economies,”  SG;Guterres told an informal meeting of the UN General Assembly while presenting his priorities for 2018. If women are equally involved at the labor market with men, $28 trillion would be added to the global Annual GDP by 2025. Women’s meaningful participation in peace and security has been proven to make peace more sustainable. Through this:interactive website, you can explore some facts on where women stand today in the changing world of work.

25 Jan : –Victims of Holocaust remembered at the UN – One of the main lessons to be learned from the Holocaust is the need to protect the human dignity and human rights of all people, wherever they may be, regardless of their faith, ethnicity, gender or political beliefs. Acceptance of cultural diversity, open mindedness and education for tolerance are key elements in building a world in which we live peacefully side by side our fellow human beings. Learning from the past through Holocaust remembrance and embracing these values will help prevent such acts of terror from recurring in the future. The speakers emphasized the importance of  all of us promoting love and peace as oppose to hate.

Worsening world wealth Inequality: According to the World Inequality Report 2018, the top 1% in the world had twice as much income growth as the bottom half since 1980. Meanwhile, income growth has been sluggish or even flat for those with incomes between the bottom half and the top 1%. Oxfam’s new Reward Work, Not Wealth report reveals that the world’s wealthiest 1% got 82% of the wealth generated in 2017, while the bottom 50% saw no increase at all!

The world’s 500 richest, according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, became US$1 trillion richer during 2017, “more than four times” the gain in 2016, as their wealth increased by 23%, taking their combined fortunes to US$5.3 trillion. According to the UBS/PwC Billionaires Report 2017, there are now 1,542 USD billionaires in the world, after 145 more joined their ranks in 2016. Meanwhile, the latest Credit Suisse Report found that the world’s richest 1% increased their share of total wealth from 42.5% at the height of the 2008-2009 global financial crisis to 50.1% in 2017, or US$140 trillion.

It shows that the bottom half together owned less than 1% of global wealth, while the richest 10% owned 88% of all wealth, and the top 1% alone accounted for half of all assets. Thus, global household debt rose by nearly 5% in 2017 despite total wealth increasing by US$16.7 trillion, or 6.4%.

SDG Corner :  The UN is preparing for the next High Level Political Forum (HLPF) in July and asking for  report of the implementation of SDGs 6,7,11,12,15 and 17. When preparing for SDG Stories to Inter Continent, please keep these questions in mind; what are some of the challenges in implementing these goals and how can they be addressed?

UP coming Events: Jan 28- Feb 7 Commission on Social Development   CSocD 56

Feb 7: Interfaith Harmony day at the UN Church Center from 1-3 PM

Eat less meat Campaign: 56 billion animals are subjected to unbearable conditions and slaughtered every year to feed our meat addiction. There’s one thing we can do together: eat less meat. Join the global pledge and together let’s protect mother earth: Watch :  short and snappy video   You tube : Click here for the YouTube version.

Signs of Hope

  1. Gender parity at the UN: For the first time in history we have full gender parity in the top 44 UN senior management sections leadership of the United Nations.
  2.  Iceland becomes first country in 2018 to legalize equal pay between men and women
  3. Highly effective typhoid vaccine, the only one safe for infants has been approved for global use by the World Health Organization. The Indian made vaccine is called Typbar TCV
  4. Call for Nobel Peace prize for Sustainable Development– Nominees include Pope Francis.  watch the 4 minute you tube:
  5. Brazil announces end to Amazon mega-dam building policy.



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