MMS & UN News Update – February 2020

Dear Readers,

The highlight of the month is the 58thsession of the Commission on Social Development and its first ever priority theme at the UN: “Affordable housing and social protection systems for all to address homelessness.” Resolution adopted at CSocD58:

Feb 9: CSocD58 Orientation for new NGO Participants

The orientation introduced the history, goals, priority groups, structure and modalities of NGO participation of the Commission on Social Development. Joanna Padgett Herz, the chair of the 2020 Civil Society Forum, spoke briefly on her research into answering the question: “How has homelessness been spoken about in the UN throughout history.” We also unpacked the meaning of social protection and discussed the Civil Society Declaration. 

Link to Lea’s notes: 

Feb 14: Civil Society Forum 

The Civil Society Forum provided a platform for lived experience to be heard, from Ireland, Uruguay and the US. They shared with us what …