MMS & UN March 2020

CSW 64 : COVID 19 has created havoc around the world (and still  is) including at the United Nations. This month, the 64th session of the  Commission on the Status of Women (CSW64) was planned from March 9-20, 2020 in New York, with over ten thousand women activists, country representatives, and others planning to attend what is known to be the largest UN gathering on the rights of women worldwide. However due to ongoing concerns about the spread of COVID-19, it was shortened to one day- 9 March with the remainder of the session postponed to a later date.

At CSW64, MMS too planned  as usual parallel events  alongside representatives of governments, to take stock of the progress of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (BPfA) and call for greater accountability and implementation with maximum available resources for key commitments. All Stalled.

The political declaration adopted for CSW 64 is  E/CN.6/2020/L.1

Here is a speech by the Secretary-General of the United Nations gave on gender equality at the New School in New York:     Good to have a look at the history, the suffrage movement, the fight continues today  through the women and girls for Generation Equality and Climate Justice ;

Uncertainty: Following the first COVID 19 case on March 1 in NY and the opening of CSW, all UN Conferences were postponed or cancelled.  I returned to Philadelphia on March 11 after meeting with our Interns Lea and Vaiju  who returned to their  homes too. MMS in 8400 Pine Road came under lock down from March 20. The situation is getting bad to worse day by day, while the hidden humanity is rising to be at its best with virtual meetings and concern for the other spreading more prayers, vibes of  love and unity.

For updated correct news on COVID 19 // and the WHO page is here:

March 8: International Women’s Day celebrated with  the theme “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights,” falls on the celebration’s 110th anniversary. UN Women’s Executive Director says 75% of decision makers are men, Women deserve 50% not quarter : 

Signs of Hope in time of COVID 19 : 

  • Since the World Health Organization (WHO) says that cleaning your hands with an alcohol-based rub can help to kill viruses on your hands, many of the distilleries say they hope to continue producing their bootleg sanitizers until the virus has been properly contained.
  • Air Pollution Plummets in Cities with High Rates of Quarantine, Satellite readings of air pollution levels over China and Italy show that the regions hit hardest by the COVID-19 have also caused air pollution levels to decline dramatically. Some reports estimate that China’s quarantine has saved more than 100 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere—which is about the equivalent of what Chile produces in a year.
  • According to Reuters, South Korea recorded more COVID-19 recovery cases on than new infections for the first time since the nation experienced the largest Asian outbreak outside of China.
  • China Celebrates Several Milestones of Recovery After Temporary Hospitals Close and Parks Reopen .Crowds of medical staffers and discharged patients were filmed celebrating the closure of all 14 temporary hospitals that opened in Wuhan to treat COVID-19 patients during the worst of the outbreak.
  • People are connected more than ever in this pandemic showing the goodness of humanity while the natural world rejoices with less human activity.

In solidarity and Prayers,                  Celine Paramunda