About Us

Who we are:

Medical Mission Sisters are a non-profit organization,  having  special consultative status with the United Nation’s ECOSOC since 2000 and associated to the UN DPI/ DGC from 1994 and UNFCCC in 2011. We are  involved at the UN to promote healing , protect the planet and to make a better world for all. Our mission is to be present to life in the spirit  of Jesus the healer. We are committed for peace, justice, and sustainable development for People and Planet. Our caring, healing presence is in five continents, extends from micro to the macro- from grass roots to the United Nations for a better future for all. The UN being  the only international institution where policies are made has a direct impact on people living in poverty and the vulnerable planet earth.

Main  Representative to the UN 

Mary Jane C. Caspillo, MMS

Our Areas of Focus

Healing of People and Planet: The cry of the poor and the cry of the Earth go hand in hand. Mega migration, growing numbers of refugees and homeless, increasing violence, etc., are the result of lack of respect for the community of life. It is the sick, the vulnerable and marginalized sections of the society who have less access to health care and resources, who suffer the most. This also includes the indigenous peoples, victims of caste and race, trafficked, etc.

Healing of the unjust socio-economic system: the current model of development only increases inequality and widen the gap between the rich and the poor within countries and among countries. Advocacy and lobbying for a just economic system that works for all within the planetary boundary is crucial to combat climate crisis and other social issues affecting the poor and the marginalized.

Generation Equality: escalating violence against women, girls and children calls our attention for creation of generation equality to protect the rights of women and respect all generations.