Former Brazelian President on Freedom of Association and Strike by workers.

An article by the former President of the Federal Republic of Brazil, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (“Lula”), on ‘Freedom of Association and the Right to Strike’. In the context of the International Labour Conference .

He takes issue with attempts at limiting the right to strike by suggesting it is not covered by Convention 87 of the ILO on freedom of association, as well as with pressures to reduce the ILO’s character from an international (tripartite) organisation to a UN agency. As Lula puts it, rather than a fair reflection of ‘new realities’, this push reflects “an attempt to weaken a fundamental ILO standard, namely freedom of association, and hence the other ones too”.
Recalling how international solidarity using this Convention helped him
and other unionists when they were imprisoned for leading a
metalworkers’ strike in 1980, he reminds us that “throughout history,
higher, more justly distributed incomes and …

A Conversation with Fr. Gustavo Gutiérrez

The Imperative of Hope: Recovering the Prophetic in Christian Life Today – A Conversation with Fr. Gustavo Gutiérrez

One evening I had the privilege of listening to the founder of liberation Theology Fr.Gustavo Gutierrez OP at a jam packed Fordham University hall in New York. Theologian Michael E. Lee started the conversation by way of asking questions: Among various theologies, why Liberation theology is standing out? Fr. Gutierrez responded “Liberation theology is a tool, its central point is the place of the least and the last person in Christianity. If we take the Bible, the poor is always important”.
According to Gutiérrez true “liberation” has three main dimensions: First, it involves political and social liberation, the elimination of the immediate causes of poverty and injustice. Second, liberation involves the emancipation of the poor, the marginalised, the downtrodden and the oppressed from all “those things that limit their capacity to develop …

Medical Mission Sisters Statement at the UN

MMS statement for the ECOSOC  Special High Level meeting with WB, IMF, WTO and UNCTAD

April 20th 2015 – Thematic debate on theme 3: “Renewed global partnership for development in the context of the post- 2015 development agenda

Thank you Mr. President, I bring the voice of the people on the ground and like to remind the international community that sustainable development is an economic and moral issue. Vast numbers of people still live in poverty while an ever smaller number accumulate outrageous wealth. Why? We all know the answer, tax evasion, illicit financial flow and so on. The world has enough financial resources and expertise to solve the problem of poverty, hunger and other issues provided we allocate the resources in the right place.

The world is looking for change; we need renewed global partnership for development and reiterate the common but differentiated responsibility in addressing the issues. By …

Climate conference news from Lima

ADP: Agreement reached on way forward on Lima draft decision   

Lima, 5 Dec. (Meena Raman and Indrajit Bose) — Parties found consensus on the process to advance work on the draft decision text under the Ad hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action (ADP) for adoption in Lima. This is after two days of stalemate and two rounds of ‘friends of the chair’ meetings.

On 2 and 3 December, several developing country Parties had objected to the co-chairs’ method of work in advancing work on the draft decision text, which includes matters regarding the 2015 Paris agreement, the intended nationally determined contributions (INDCs) for that agreement, as well as the pre-2020 climate actions. They had asked for text to be reflected on the screen to enable them to begin formal negotiations but to no avail. Owing to lack of consensus, some Parties suggested a ‘friends of the …

Up coming events

Three main UN conferences of the year : 2015

July :  Financing for Development Third International  Conference- Addis Abeba Ethiopia

September : Post 2015 Agenda and adoption of SDGs

December:  Climate Conference in Paris

The new Proposed dates for the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs Negotiations

At the modalities  meeting today the dates for the SDG negotiations were revisited. This is the new set of proposed dates.

19-21 january 2015

17-20 february

23-27 march

20-24 april

18-22 may

22-25 june

20-24 and 27-31 july…

Extractives industries: Dirty and thirsty technologies

Nathalie Seguin, Freshwater Action Network-Mexico

The extractive model of economic growth is a huge burden on the planet, and one which Latin America has been a victim of for many years. Capitalist consumption patterns demand huge quantities of energy, forcing governments to race for more energy sources at whatever cost. Planetary “peak oil” has already been reached, and the cheap oil extraction era is declining. Non-conventional methods of hydrocarbon extraction have become more feasible and widely used, due to the high cost of conventional extraction. This has made countries that historically have not been large producers of oil to aspire to become rich through oil. This makes these countries the next target for large exploitative transnational oil companies.

On a global scale there has been a rush to develop non-conventional hydrocarbons – including natural gas shale by hydraulic fracture, better known as “fracking”. But this technique is a very water …