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MMS & UN news-Jan 2014


Dear Sisters, Associates and Friends,

Greetings from the snow covered US & the UN!  Some of the highlights from the UN are:

  6-10 Jan: OWG 7:  The seventh session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals dealt with: – Sustainable cities and human settlements, sustainable transport
- Sustainable consumption and production (including chemicals and waste)
- Climate change and disaster risk reduction.

Jan 15 : Remembering Rwanda:“ Understanding early warning of mass atrocities twenty years after the genocide in Rwanda” was an event held at the UN on January 15th.  “We must never forget the collective failure to prevent the Rwandan genocide,” Deputy secretary General jan Eliason told participants. “The demonization of people of different faiths or ethnic belonging is one of the most toxic deeds of which human beings are capable.

Jan 23- Feb 2- the GIFT Box Project :is a creative idea to …

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MMS & the UN news -December 2013

Dear  sisters, Associates and Friends,

 “If we look back to the year 2013, it is a year full of achievements and I am very proud of the colleagues” the UN Under-Secretary-General, Mr. Wu Hongbo. The two important inter-governmental processes as a result of the implementation of the Rio+20 follow up are the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals and the Committee of Experts on Sustainable Development Financing. We were involved in these two UN processes from the beginning.

Call for human rights in core of post-2015 development agenda:As governments meet at the United Nations to debate aspects of the sustainable development agenda to replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2015, over 300 civil society organizations from all parts of the world have come together to demand human rights be integrated into every aspect of the new framework. Together they have issued a joint statement, advanced by

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MMS UN news -November

Dear   sisters, Associates and Friends,

 Thanks a lot to all those who sent their feedback to the last newsletter, it affirms that we are together.

The month of November, too, was busy with preparatory meetings and advocacy for the Post 2015 Development agenda which is the highlight of the coming year. By September, 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the next 15-20 years will be established while the MDGs will meet its target year 2015. Unlike the MDGs, the SDGs are to be universal and integrating the three dimensions of Development, namely: Social, Economic and Environmental. The UN welcomes all global citizens for a  MY WORLD SURVERY. Please use the link: www.worldwewant2015   and click on the world map.

 Tony Blair Faith Foundation  : On Nov 21st Tony Blair, former prime Minister of UK spoke at the anti terrorism committee of the Security Council on the need for …

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MMS & UN News – Oct


During the 68th GA, several events took place at the UN and some of the High lights are the following:  -

CARITAS International – UK & Ireland Reports:  Catholic Fund for Overseas Development in UK and Ireland presented their reports at the UN titled “listening to the voices of the Poor” shared the stories of real people and stressed the goal of Zero Poverty. Speakers pointed out that lack of accountability from the governments, as well as gender discrimination, are two major blocks to poverty eradication. The role of Civil Society was highlighted as critical in supporting and challenging the governments.

Churches Witnessing With Migrants :  In the context of the High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development on Oct 3rd & 4th a side event was organized on the theme : “the other is my Neighbor”. Several Christian denominations gathered to share …

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MMS UN news September



News from the United Nations…


The month of September is busy with various meetings including the beginning of  the 68th UN General Assembly which is still going on. Due to the remodeling of the UN building, the spaces are extremely limited and access to the UN building is highly restricted especially when the heads of states are around.


A short review of the past events: 1. Sept 5th International Day of Charity was observed in honor of Mother Teresa on her 16th death anniversary. Interestingly the proposal came from the Civil society of a communist country, Hungary! Several speakers spoke on the occasion high lighting the need for volunteerism, and philanthropy for caring for fellow human beings and for systemic change as well.


2. Sep 6thfor the high level forum on the culture of peace,  the Patriarch of Serbia  spoke  and the …

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News Letter- August

Hi all,

 After a short summer break we are getting ready to be back to the UN while the Security Council continues the discussions on many urgent matters like the issue of Syria.  September marks the beginning of another year at the UN with its 68th General Assembly. The following are some of the upcoming events.

   5 September: the first  International Day of Charity.

Recognizing the role of charity in alleviating humanitarian crises and human suffering within and among nations, September 5th is designated as the  first International day of Charity .It also affirm that charity may contribute to the promotion of dialogue among people from different civilizations, cultures and religions, as well as …

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