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The Main Committees of the UN General Assembly

First Committee: Disarmament and International Security

  •  This committee is tasked with dealing with threats to peace and the international community
  •  The sessions for the First Committee include: general debate, thematic discussions, and action on drafts

Second Committee: Economic and Financial

  •  The committee focuses on the economic and financial issues related to sustainable development and economic growth
  •  It operates through general debate and acting on draft proposals

Third Committee: Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Issues

  •  A wide range of issues are deliberated in this committee, including human rights, social development, women, and fundamental freedoms
  •  This committee operates using draft resolutions

Fourth Committee: Special Political and Decolonization

  •  This committee’s agenda reviews topics related to decolonization: atomic radiation effects, information, peacekeeping operations, special political missions, the Israel/Palestine conflict, and peaceful uses of outer space.
  •  These issues are addressed annually

Fifth Committee: Administrative and Budgetary

  •  The function of the committee is to approve the UN budget
  •  It has an extended session due to the immense workload

Sixth Committee: Legal

  •  Considers the legal questions of the General Assembly, and represents all member states

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