Medical Mission Sisters Statement at the UN

MMS statement for the ECOSOC  Special High Level meeting with WB, IMF, WTO and UNCTAD

April 20th 2015 – Thematic debate on theme 3: “Renewed global partnership for development in the context of the post- 2015 development agenda

Thank you Mr. President, I bring the voice of the people on the ground and like to remind the international community that sustainable development is an economic and moral issue. Vast numbers of people still live in poverty while an ever smaller number accumulate outrageous wealth. Why? We all know the answer, tax evasion, illicit financial flow and so on. The world has enough financial resources and expertise to solve the problem of poverty, hunger and other issues provided we allocate the resources in the right place.

The world is looking for change; we need renewed global partnership for development and reiterate the common but differentiated responsibility in addressing the issues. By …