MMS statement for the CSocD 52

Commission for Social Development    CSocD -52

11-21February 2014

Statement submitted by the Society of Catholic Medical Missionaries, a non-governmental organization in special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council -ECOSOC


  We, the Society of Catholic Medical Missionaries appreciate the efforts made by the United Nations (UN) to reach out to  millions through a Global Survey for a Better World (My World Survey).  My World Survey presents an important and unique opportunity to ensure that the voices of citizens are heard by their leaders on a global platform with its particular challenges. There can not be a better way to gather the aspirations of the people for the world they want. We also commend the UN efforts to combat poverty, eradicate epidemics, wars and conflicts, and establish a new economic system that ensures a fair distribution of wealth and consolidates bridges of trust among peoples across the world. The …