MMS Statement to the UN Open working Group 6 on Dec13th

Statement on Global Governance 12/13/13

Thank you Mr co-chair for giving me this opportunity. I am Celine Paramunda, representative of Medical Mission Sisters, speaking on behalf of the NGO Committee on Financing for Development- Finance and Trade Cluster.

The foundation of a good  Global Governance must uphold an integration of three basic rights: the Universal Human Rights; Right to development, and the Right of mother earth for regeneration & restoration. The post 2015 framework should address implementation gap in the already agreed commitments eg: human rights, Rio Principles, and Monterrey consensus.  Growing inequality, climate disasters, excessive wealth concentration and power of corporations over people & countries reminds us of the failure to implement these commitments.

We affirm the NGLS recommendations from civil society consultations: let me touch just 3.

1. Establishing participatory, transparent and accountable global governance.

Inclusive Participation of all stakeholders at all levels approached from all entry-points – …