Post 2015 Development Agenda – planning

From a letter to ALL Permanent Representatives and Permanent Observers to the United Nations New York from the co-chairs the Ambassadors of Kenya and Ireland

Modalities for the intergovernmental  negotiations on the post-2015 development agenda

The Co-Facilitators have been appointed to lead open, inclusive and transparent consultations on the post-2015 development agenda in order to agree an outcome which is to be adopted at a Summit at Heads of State and Government level in September 2015.  Building on major United Nations conferences and summits held in recent years, the objective is to agree an ambitious and transformative agenda with a view to ensuring the eradication of poverty and the achievement of sustainable development by 2030.

Initial informal intergovernmental meetings were convened on 4 and 10 November to establish the views of Member States on the issues covered by this mandate.

On the basis of the consultations to date, the Co-Facilitators …