A story from Peru by Mafe MMS

Nimia and family

It is 4:30 in the morning and the journey begins for Nimia. She must prepare breakfast for the family. Her husband leaves very early to work as a guard at an elegant Spa in one of the richest areas of Lima; her second child goes to the school and she has to bring the other two children to theirs. Then, she cleans the house, cooks, picks up the kids, goes with them to receive the therapies, does homework with the kids, feed them again and put them to sleep. Not to mention that often attends meetings of the Association of Parents of children with disabilities and goes every day to church. Besides all that, she works embroidering fabric to help with family expenses. Her day is fully booked. No time to complain or for getting ill.

Nimia married Riester seventeen years ago. Since thirteen years ago, the …