MMS & the UN News- October

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The United Nations Celebrated the 70th Anniversary on 24 October and Turn the World UN Blue.
Sustainable Development Goals:
For the first time in history, every nation on earth has joined in adopting a set of goals that call for more equitable social, economic and political relationships among people and between nations. The language in the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is not perfect, but adopting these goals greatly alters the global dialogue, and sets the stage for real change towards greater equality. A whole lot of meetings are going on with regard to developing the indicators for the Sustainable Development Goals. I am happy that the recent MMS General Chapter has taken seriously the SDGs going forward. Attached is a Power point of 17 SD Goals with 169 targets for your easy understanding.

Laudato Si conversations:
The Pope has given a personal challenge to each one …

MMS statement for the CSocD 52

Commission for Social Development    CSocD -52

11-21February 2014

Statement submitted by the Society of Catholic Medical Missionaries, a non-governmental organization in special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council -ECOSOC


  We, the Society of Catholic Medical Missionaries appreciate the efforts made by the United Nations (UN) to reach out to  millions through a Global Survey for a Better World (My World Survey).  My World Survey presents an important and unique opportunity to ensure that the voices of citizens are heard by their leaders on a global platform with its particular challenges. There can not be a better way to gather the aspirations of the people for the world they want. We also commend the UN efforts to combat poverty, eradicate epidemics, wars and conflicts, and establish a new economic system that ensures a fair distribution of wealth and consolidates bridges of trust among peoples across the world. The …