World bank and Water issues

Into the lion’s den: Confronting the World Bank on privatized water

Washington, D.C., October 11—Corporate Accountability International (CAI) and IBON International joined forces in Washington, D.C. this week to challenge the World Bank Group on its role in privatized water utilities.

CAI is a membership organization with a 35-year track record on protecting human rights, public health and the environment from corporate greed and abuse around the world. It is currently pursuing a campaign to challenge corporate control of water.

IBON on the other hand has consistently opposed water privatization since the 1990s and is the secretariat of the regional Water for the People Network (WPN) with members in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Mongolia, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. WPN challenges water-related policies, structures and institutions that compromise the people’s right to water. The network also proactively seeks community-based, pro-people solutions to such problems.

Shayda Edwards Naficy, CAI’s international water campaign …