MMS Statement to the UN Open working Group 6 on Dec13th

Statement on Global Governance 12/13/13

Thank you Mr co-chair for giving me this opportunity. I am Celine Paramunda, representative of Medical Mission Sisters, speaking on behalf of the NGO Committee on Financing for Development- Finance and Trade Cluster.

The foundation of a good  Global Governance must uphold an integration of three basic rights: the Universal Human Rights; Right to development, and the Right of mother earth for regeneration & restoration. The post 2015 framework should address implementation gap in the already agreed commitments eg: human rights, Rio Principles, and Monterrey consensus.  Growing inequality, climate disasters, excessive wealth concentration and power of corporations over people & countries reminds us of the failure to implement these commitments.

We affirm the NGLS recommendations from civil society consultations: let me touch just 3.

1. Establishing participatory, transparent and accountable global governance.

Inclusive Participation of all stakeholders at all levels approached from all entry-points – …

Our Violent Economy is Hurting Women

Violence against women is as old as patriarchy.

Traditional patriarchy has structured our worldviews and mindsets, our social and cultural worlds, on the basis of domination over women and the denial of their full humanity and right to equality. But it has intensified and become more pervasive in the recent past. It has taken on more brutal forms, like the murder of the Delhi gang rape victim and the recent suicide of a 17-year-old rape victim in Chandigarh.

In India, rape cases and cases of violence against women have increased over the years. The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reported 10,068 rape cases in 1990, which increased to 16496 in 2000. With 24,206 cases in 2011, rape cases jumped to incredible increase of 873 percent from 1971 when NCRB started to record cases of rape. And Delhi has emerged as the rape capital  of India, accounting for 25 percent of …